Who are we and what do we do? Why should you choose for CLICKEY solutions?

CLICKEY solutions already existed since 2012, it originally started under the name Invenit BV.

We were one of the first companies that understood the endless opportunities for our customers when it came to connecting things to the internet. But we also understood from the first day that the current networks were not ideal.

We make the Internet of Things work!

These 3G and 4G networks are designed for voice and data streaming, not for the exchange of small data-packages over long distances and with low energy consumption. Because of that other network solutions were needed. That is why we started discussions with different players in the market about network solutions that make IoT really work.

We are proud to say that CLICKEY solutions is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the new standards for IoT networks. Everything based on the idea that connecting things to the internet needs to happen without expensive (data) subscriptions, big battery packages and traditional SIM-based communication components. In addition to being a manufacturer of various standard IoT solutions, CLICKEY solutions is also a product development company where customized solutions are made.Our firm belief was and still is that only the new relevant IoT solutions will be possible. In the area of monitoring, controlling, protecting or tracking and tracing of the connected things.

CLICKEY solutions is based in Raamsdonksveer, the place where our smart and creative ideas for new IoT solutions are developed.

Our technical experts have the knowledge and experience to come up with smart solutions for your business. And we always keep in mind that the solutions should work immediately and seamlessly.

Why us?

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