We make the Internet of Things work!

Management team

Our Management team consists of Gerben Wijbenga, Pedro de Smit and Erwin Dunnink. Being the Managing Director, Gerben is responsible for strategy, all commercial activities and organization. Pedro is our Technical Director, the founder of CLICKEY and one of the people  that was involved in creating LoRa. Our Finance Director is Erwin. He takes care of all our financial stuff, but also deals with regulatory, legal and HR.

Gerben Wijbenga

Over the last 20 years Gerben has held several positions in Telecom and ICT. After  finalizing his study in Social and Economic Geography in Utrecht, he started as Management Consultant and Project Manager for international business, innovation and European Affairs. After that Gerben held various business developments, marketing and sales positions in telecoms. The last ten years he was CEO of different start-ups, scale-ups and corporates in mobile business in different European markets. The last two years Gerben has been Managing Director at Tele2 in The Netherlands.


Pedro de Smit

Pedro has been an entrepreneur since 1992. He created and managed several companies. Initially he started a company specialized in design and production of complex PCBs. With his technical knowledge and creativity he used these activities to imitate  various  activities. Out of these activities a number of successful companies have developed. These companies still exist and deliver products in the domain of LED-lighting, hybrid fuel systems and security of banking infrastructure.

In 2012 Pedro started Invenit to develop IoT products. This company has been the basis for CLICKEY Solutions.


Erwin Dunnink

Over 17 years Erwin has held several positions in finance. Immediately after his study in Business Economics he started working as a controller in the health sector. After a couple of years he switched to telecoms and has had different positions in the domain of business development, M&A and start-ups. The last couple of years Erwin had end-responsibility for the financial activities in different companies in The Netherlands and abroad.  The last three years he has held the position of Director Business Control at Telefonica Deutschland.



Technical team

Our technical team has existed from the start of CLICKEY and has built up expertise and knowledge in the domain of IoT. This ensures that CLICKEY is able to innovate and develop in all IoT domains and to deliver high quality products and services.

The team consists of experts in the areas of developing and designing of the complex PCB’s, needed for IoT, including embedded programming and highly efficient energy management. Our team also has the knowledge in-house to design and develop the casing for our IoT products. Because all this expertise in in-house we are able to do rapid prototyping, using local production facilities and 3D printing. For bigger volumes we have a strategic partner in Slovakia.


Our salespeople are in close and constant contact with our customers. This helps us to develop solutions that meet customer demand but also makes sure that our customers are always well informed about opportunities in the market.

During all phases our salespeople stay in close contact with customers to make sure that agreed targets are met, not only during development and POC, but also after implementation.