Our Team

We make the Internet-of-Things works!

Our people are able to quickly come up with creative solutions in response to your question. Our principle is to ensure that solutions work immediately and can be applied immediately.

Our team makes the Internet-of-Things works!


Our management leads everything in the right direction. Our highly experienced team members deal with strategy, product development, customer solutions, finance and HR, among others.

"Pedro is the CEO of CLICKEY solutions. Since 1992, Pedro has been building successful technical companies. His technical knowledge and creativity were the basis for developing IoT products with Invenit. This company was the start of CLICKEY Solutions."
Pedro de Smit
Pedro de Smit


Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care Team has frequent and close contact with customers and the internal team.

The team takes into account your wishes, market trends and informs you about current technical possibilities.

During a Proof-of-Concept (POC), our team always remains involved to keep everything on track and to achieve your goals.

"Sascha has been working at CLICKEY solutions as of 2019, as a sales and marketing associate. New and existing customers can contact her for information and questions. You will also regularly see a blog post, written by Sascha, pass by here and there on the website and our Facebook and LinkedIn page."
Sascha de Smit
Sascha de Smit


"Ron has been working as a purchasing/administration officer at CLICKEY solutions since the start . He is responsible for project management, purchasing and invoicing . He maintains contact with customers, suppliers and occasionally scours the internet for scarce components."
Ron de Smit
Ron de Smit


"Remco has been working within our organization since 1996. As an embedded engineer he is mainly involved in designing, realizing and implementing software for our products. In addition, he maintains communication with customers on projects and manages our various LoRaWAN and LTE-M network implementations."
Remco Groenendaal
Remco Groenendaal


"Nick has been working at CLICKEY solutions as of 2017, as an (embedded) software developer. For example, Nick develops the logic for your next smart device, both on the device and in the cloud. In addition, he takes care of the continuity of the private LoRa networks within CLICKEY solutions."
Nick van Gils
Nick van Gils


Technical Team

Our technical team has been working together since its inception and has great expertise in the field of IoT. They deliver high quality services and we continue to innovate in all areas of IoT.

Our team members, consisting of a total of 5 employees, are experts and have knowledge of:

  • design and development of smart and compact printed circuit boards
  • technical components for IoT applications
  • embedded software engineering
  • energy efficiency
  • CAD design of functional enclosures and mechanical components
  • cloud technology

The team at CLICKEY solutions creates working prototypes quickly and creatively through local production, assemblage and 3D printing. For larger volumes, our partner in Slovakia produces and assembles.

Personalized service!

Are you curious what CLICKEY solutions can do for you? Call or mail us! We like to think along with you!