Who are the partners of CLICKEY solutions?

Good cooperation and long-term relationships with customers and partners lead to the best results. That’s why we collaborate with KPN, Actility, IoT Academy, Utrecht University and Connected Animals.

The partners who help make our solutions possible.

KPN solution partner

Solution partner of KPN

KPN has selected a number of reliable partners to offer added value in the field of IoT to customers and end users. Because of this, the right expertise is always available at every stage, through the entire chain.

CLICKEY solutions is proud to be one of those partners from the beginning.

actility iot partner


Actility supports Service Providers and enterprises along their IoT network lifecycle from connectivity deployment to mass monetization. From support in radio infrastructure deployment,  network capacity studies, LoRaWAN core network servers and OSS/BSS solutions, Actility supplies all necessary bricks for a scalable and secure IoT network infrastructure.

iot academy

IoT Academy

The “Internet of Things Academy” in Rotterdam is committed throughout the Netherlands to transfer knowledge and connect people. They organize IoT Meetups – these are mini seminars for IoT professionals – where they discuss an IoT current affair in two hours. Through these Meetups, people are being informed and they have broadened their knowledge.

Connected Animals
universiteit utrecht partner

Connected Animals | Universiteit Utrecht

By pooling the knowledge of the Faculty of veterinary medicine at Utrecht University and the specialist in working Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: CLICKEY Solutions, it is now possible to have always up-to-date information about the health, welfare, behavior and the location of animals.

Connected Animals is a Joint Venture of Utrecht Holding BV and Invenit BV.

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