That’s simple. Because our solutions work!

Our products offer suitable solutions to improve your business, because they are tailored to your needs. Our smart solutions will always be usable from the first day and we will make sure that there is a seamless fit with your existing process and systems.

The Next Big Thing: Delay or Do Now?

It is not without reason that IoT is considered to be the biggest revolution in business, after the industrial revolution in the 19th century and we were a part of it since the start. 

All IoT networks are still developing, but at the same time we have the nationwide LoRa network in The Netherlands that can be a solid base for interesting IoT solutions. And of course, new updates and constant improvements will be a given in the next years.  For the majority of companies and organizations, today is the time to start investing in IoT in order to get access to solutions that immediately offer value to their business.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the possibilities in your company!

Passionate, creative and innovative

CLICKEY Solutions does not wait. Why wait when we know that today a lot is already possible?

That is why we are one of the first companies in The Netherlands that is bale to offer a complete ecosystem to our customers. And that we can scale our services based on the customer needs.

In our CLICKEY Ecosystem we offer existing relevant sensors and a platform that offers a wide variety of solutions for  different customers. Our devices and our platform are secure and proven and completely ready for future developments. Our development team monitors closely the different developments in all IoT areas to be able to anticipate when needed. That is why CLICKEY solutions is always one step ahead.

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Realistic and Relevant

Connecting things to the internet is not a goal in itself. It has to add value.

Together with our customers we analyze the current situation. Will the IoT solution be relevant? What are costs and what are the benefits? What is needed to implement properly? In other words: can we together build a solid businesscase?

As a manufacturer we frequently offer our already developed products as a solution. In addition to producing the standard products, we are also driven as a product development company to look for the right solution. Sometimes customization is required for the correct composition of sensors or the housing. Where necessary we agree on a Proof of Concept (POC) first.

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