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AED built-in monitor | AED Partner

Our customer AED-Partner has several AEDs for sale and delivers them. These are modern, compact and especially safe devices. Their service and support is an important part of their added value.

Customer demand
To make this more transparent and reliable, they have asked Clickey for a solution. The wish of AED-Partner was to check the AEDs remotely.

To make this possible, CLICKEY has developed a rechargeable device that can be mounted on all their AEDs and meets their needs.



From now on, this device can be found in the AEDs and it allows you to check the AED’s from a distance. Everything is displayed on the Clickey cloud-platform.

The device monitors:

  • The temperature (alarm message if the temperature falls outside the speculation).
  • The battery of the AED (is it full enough)
  • The movement (when it is being used and/or taken away from its place).
  • The location (based on LoRa GeoLocation)


Normally, an AED should be checked manually every day. This is no longer necessary due to this new development. These data will be “Realtime” available which assures availabilty of the AEDs in the Netherlands.

By connecting our device to the AED, the reliability of the AED is increased. We can prevent a not working AED when it is needed. In short “more lives are being saved”.

What does that mean for you?

If you are interested in more information, please feel free to take a look at the “AED-Partner” website or to contact us.