Air Monitoring with CLICKEY AIR

Monitoring the air quality in rooms is more important than ever. In schools, homes for the elderly, but also companies with many employees, too many people can gather in a room that is too small. CLICKEY AIR gives you the insight when this occurs. CLICKEY AIR measures the CO2 value and indicates the air quality status by means of color signals and audio. This gives you insight into the air quality of your rooms at any time. With the motion sensor, CLICKEY AIR switches itself off and switches it on again when motion is detected.

The device can easily be placed using double-sided tape on the back of the housing (i.e. without screws). The device is wireless and runs on batteries that can easily be replaced. No wires, no cables and no hassle!

Het apparaat kan makkelijk worden geplaatst door middel van dubbelzijdige tape op de achterkant van de behuizing (dus zonder schroeven). Het apparaat is draadloos en werkt op batterijen die makkelijk vervangen kunnen worden. Geen draden, geen kabels en geen gedoe!

“The children are often too cold when the windows and doors have to be opened for ventilation, but is this always necessary?” – Natasja Buckens, elementary school director KBS de Beiaard

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