iot agrarische sector oplossingen

Benefits of applying IoT in the Environmental/Agricultural Sector:

By applying IoT (Internet of Things) applications, companies in the environmental / agricultural sector can save time and money. It also offers an opportunity to provide more service to their customers. When data is linked to the Internet, it can offer many benefits.


For growing crops to animal keeping. Get remote visibility of everything to make processes as efficient and safe as possible.

Here are some examples of what IoT can do in these sectors:

  • Wireless soil moisture sensor: fire prevention – react in time for crop spraying.
  • Water pump monitor: pump runs dry – engine fails – fuel is (almost) gone.
  • Fence monitor: anti theft – animal protection – vandalism detection.
  • Motion detection: anti theft – animal protection – vandalism detection.
  • Energy monitoring: How much energy goes where – Is this correct in relation to expectations?
  • Pressure sensor: detection when liquid pressure drops – pressure too high or too low – pressure fluctuations
  • Flow sensor: flow quantity and detection – remote process control
  • Other sensors: such as Temperature – Relative humidity – light: climate system control.
  • 3-axis G-sensor: Engine vibration – fallen object – collision – vandalism.
  • Access detection: Door locked – not locked – Door open
  • Access control: remote opening

The above solutions save time and costs by, for example, indicating problems in time. This also improves service to third parties!

This can all be realized by CLICKEY solutions. We create customized solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing processes.

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