IoT voor koeien

Connected Animals, a new Joint Venture

-Press release-

Connecting animals to internet one step further.

By combining the knowledge of the Faculty of Veterinary medicine at Utrecht University and the specialist in proven Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: CLICKEY solutions, it’s possible to get actual data about well-being, health, behavior and location of animals, by using high-quality sensors and communication technologies, in a very animal friendly way.

Connected Animals connects literally animals to the internet. Not as a goal in itself, but always with a reason. Whether it’s happy, healthy and productive cows, insight into the behaviour and the location of your dog or cat, or to the protection of wild animals.

Connected Animals stands for responsible, affordable and working solutions. In many countries is a number of projects in progress.

Track and trace for animals

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and CLICKEY solutions have identified numerous possibilities where IoT can be used for animals. This involves simple and cheap track and trace solutions, such as “where is my dog?” Or “what did my cat do last night?”. In the Netherlands alone, on average more than 200 calls are processed per day with reported missing or  found pets of which only 50% are being solved. But also more complex applications, which, for example, continuously monitor the health and welfare of animals and inform the owner early in the event of abnormalities. The latter applications take more development time, but Connected Animals is also already preparing these more complex systems, for example for dairy cows and wild animals.

Connected animals uses the CLICKEY technology from CLICKEY solutions at the heart of its sensors. In combination with KPN’s new LoRa network, this provides a platform that has been extensively tested for safety. Moreover, the CLICKEY technology meets the highest standards in terms of protecting data transfer and safeguarding the privacy of owners and users.

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