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Energy consumption insight & saving for business owners

Energy monitor with smart sensors

The current high energy prices are of course no fun for consumers at home, but for business owners this can still be too much of a blow. As a developer and manufacturer, CLICKEY solutions is known for its smart sensors. Sensors that can recognize patterns in daily activities and transmit this data through an online portal. What can this do for saving energy? Be sure to read on, because any business can use the CLICKEY Energy Monitor (in combination with sensors) to understand and save their energy consumption!

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What does the CLICKEY Energy Monitor do?

The CLICKEY Energy Monitor is a device which can be connected to the energy distributor/cabinet. Up to 12 sensors can be connected to one CLICKEY Energy Monitor. This makes it possible to measure the energy consumption of different departments or production areas and can be visualized through an online portal. The portal provides insight into how much energy is used per department (per sensor). As the owner of this data, it will give you insights about the places where the energy usage is highest and where yu have to save energy.

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It provides insights, all right… But how are you going to save energy?

The CLICKEY Energy Monitor is a good first step to understanding where, how much energy is being consumed, but more is possible. By combining the data from the Energy Monitor with data from various (motion) sensors, it is also possible, with a customized program, to recognize patterns.

For example, “The production schedule of company _ has production running on Mondays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On this Monday, consumption is higher than on the average Monday.”

The CLICKEY PIR Sensors measure when and where movement is occurring; the energy monitor measures how much energy is being used and where. The online portal receives data from both devices. In case of deviation from the normal pattern, the program notifies. Should a machine be left on for too long, this can be spotted in time. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

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This solution can also help detect trends. Machines subject to wear and tear (in production environments or heat pumps, for example) will consume more and more energy.

“A one-time investment, a solution that will think with you!”

This solution of CLICKEY solutions is ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to make the energy consumption of his or her company transparent and wants to reduce his energy bill with the help of this solution!


Do you want to know what this solution can do for you? Feel free to contact us or take a look among our developed solutions and find out what is possible for you!

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