Construction iot solution

Automated tool management | “Gereedschapsbeheer”


Our customer Gereedschapbeheer offers an online application for automated management of all equipment. By using this application the customers of Gereedschapbeheer will always have a full overview over status of certification, maintenance and costs of all equipment.

Customer demand

On top of the existing automated tool management our customer Gereedschapbeheer wants to be able to integrate realtime location of equipment. In day-to-day business a lot of their customers cannot trace their tools when needed for certification and/or calibration. On top of that the users of the application require solutions to track & trace (expensive) equipment and to protect expensive machines. To enable this Gereedschapbeheer is looking for a small and robust Track & Trace device to connect to all tools and equipment. On top of that Gereedschapbeheer is looking for a branded device, including the Gereedschapbeheer logo.


Together with the customer CLICKEY Solutions has developed the GB Locator. This device does not only deliver a TRACK & TRACE solution (know where your tools are), but it also offers a MONITOR solution: with the integrated acceleratorsensor the Gereedschapbeheer application can monitor the exact use of tools and equipment (when, where, how long). On top of that the device allows for a PROTECT solution as well in case of theft. With the integrated LoRa technology all data is accessible in realtime. All this data is loaded in the CLICKEY platform and directly loaded in the business application fo Gereedschapbeheer.


Our customer is now able to deliver additional functionality to its clients, which give the following benefits:

  • An additional USP for the Gereedschapbeheer application by adding extra functionality
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Direct cost reduction for their customers because equipment is traceable and usage becomes more efficient.

What does this mean for you

All CLICKEY IoT solutions can be applied in many domains, both in B-to-B and B-to-C markets. But also to optimize or protect your assets. Do you have trailers, containers, tools, equipment and machines? Our CLICKEY Micro T&T offers all sorts of solutions to monitor, protect and track&trace.