lora whan certified sensor

LoRaWAN® Certification CLICKEY Comfort Sensor

The CLICKEY Comfort sensor has received the LoRaWAN certificate!

The CLICKEY Comfort sensor measures various climate values, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, light and sound, as well as movement.

This gives you insight into the climate values ​​of every room at all times. The CLICKEY Comfort sensor is often used in Smart Building concepts because it is easy to install and because all climate data can easily be read remotely. In addition, the sensor provides insight into the use of a certain (meeting) room.

Benefits LoRaWAN® certification

There are many benefits to following the LoRaWAN Certifiedcm Program:

  • Certified devices provide end-users with confidence that the device is reliable and compliant with the LoRaWAN specification;
  • Ensures correct LoRaWAN functioning of the devices and reduces support costs.

Manufacturers must be a member of the LoRa Alliance in order to submit their products to become LoRaWAN Certifiedcm . They must also use an LoRa Alliance Authorised Test House (ATH) to do the functional protocol testing. 

With the certification we can give our CLICKEY Comfort sensor the valuable LoRaWAN Certifiedcm quality mark.