iot in gebouwen

More and more CLICKEY IoT sensors in buildings

Everyday more customers are using CLICKEY smart sensors. Together with our partner BeSense, we made the offices of Aegon and CSU, the Museum for Communication, the Philips stadium in Eindhoven and Hotel Casa in Amsterdam smarter by using our IoT sensors. In the Aegon offices, 3000 sensors have been installed, with over 15,000 m2 of office space monitored. As part of the total BeSense system, this ensures more efficient, healthier and cleaner buildings.

From January 2017, Clickey Solutions is the preferred partner for BeSense and supplies all smart sensors to BeSense. The CLICKEY IoT sensors are equipped with embedded software and a LoRa communication chip. BeSense is an initiative of building company Heijmans and cleaning company CSU.

BeSense supplies intelligent integrated systems for building management. CLICKEY delivers the IoT sensors that measure all sorts of data, ie. desk occupancy and air quality. All this real-time data is collected and stored in the Cloud. Through an online portal the building manager sees exactly what is happening in the building. The system provides insight into occupation and utilization and this allows for more efficient use of office space.

The temperature, humidity, CO2 level and light intensity are also measured by CLICKEY IoT sensors in different rooms. This creates opportunities to improve working environments and make them more healthy and comfortable for users.

All this collected data is also used a input for the cleaning system. The cleaner receives the routing via the cleaning app and knows exactly which areas need extra attention.


  • more insight into your building
  • low-threshold start (works independent from existing IT network)
  • quickly expand with multiple sensors
  • save costs on housing, maintenance and energy

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