IoT track and trace nederland

More than track and trace

Often a tracking device (track and trace) is bought separately and limited to one function, which is to find your object. As an Internet of Things developer and manufacturer, we want you to know that much more is possible here!

We use 3 types of tracking techniques that we can (of course) apply separately but also combined; LoRa Triangulation, GPS and WiFi Sniffing. When you combine these, it makes it possible to make your belongings ‘real-time’ and optimally findable under all circumstances.

In addition to the combo of tracking techniques, you don’t have to limit the device to tracking, for example, upon request we can equip your ‘Low cost’ track and trace device with a:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Vibration, shock and or position (is it still straight did it take a hard hit?)
  • Level sensor
  • Light sensor
  • PIR (motion sensor)

We can customize your tracker with the features you need. For example, we can make the housings of these devices waterproof or impact-resistant, for example. And we can provide the tracker with a fixed battery (Long life, choice of 1, 3 or even 10 years), replaceable or rechargeable.

Mounting trackers can of course be incorporated during the production process of your desired products, but can also be attached after production.

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CLICKEY solutions is both the developer and the manufacturer of these solutions. That means no margin surcharge from wholesalers but a direct factory price!

Want to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us! We are also happy to invite you for a cup of coffee at our creative office in Raamsdonksveer (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) or via an online meeting of course!