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Opening and closing via an IoT network


All parties active in the protection of objects are looking for solutions to close doors and to give access remotely and to monitor that proces in a secure way. 

Customer demand

Some of the leading parties in the field of Security Solutions has asked CLICKEY to develop a solution to lock and unlock doors and gates remotely. It was an important requirement to use a separate wireless network.Using an existing Wi-Fi, or company network would give too much security risks. Another requirement was to use a network with enough indoor and outdoor coverage.


Based on the safe and stable LoRa-network, CLICKEY has developed several modules. These modules are designed in such a way that they can be built-in easily in existing and new locks-systems. In this way, individual locks can be opened, closed, checked and controlled remotely.

A number of modules can also be used in outdoor environments, for example, large fences around areas or infrastructure.


With these solutions CLICKEY has enriched the portfolio of a number of companies in such a way that remote access and remote control is possible in a safe and reliable way. This solutions in the field of security are already applied in several places.

What it means to you

The CLICKEY IoT solution for this customer can be applied to whole areas. 

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