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Preventing forest fires | Wildlife areas


A public administrator of nature reserves.

Customer demand

Our client seeks for measures in order to prevent that forest and heath fires can occur. Our client also wants to minimise the effects of fire and an analysis tool to gain insight into the risk of fire per part of the nature reserve. The customer would like to be able to get early warnings and better targeted preventive measures.


To make this possible CLICKEY has developed a MONITOR solution. At strategic places in the nature reserve the humidity of the ground (on multiple depths) is measured and smoke sensors are placed. If the soil is too dry in one place, the client will receive a message. When smoke is detected an alarm is given, with the exact location of the smoke-sensor. Data can be read remotely and that data can then be loaded from the CLICKEY platform in the management application of the customer.


Our customer can now take earlier and more targeted measures to prevent fire. In case of fire can be directly intervened and the emergency services will be sent to the correct location.

What does this mean for you

The CLICKEY solution for this customer can be used in natural areas, forests and parks. The sensors that measure humidity at various depths are also ideal for the agricultural sector.

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