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The benefits of IoT in the logistics/transportation sector

By applying IoT (Internet of Things) applications, companies in the logistics and transportation sector can save time and money. It also provides an opportunity to offer more service to your customers. When you connect data to the Internet, it can offer you many benefits. Some examples of these benefits include:

Cost- and time-saving

Quantity of pallets in stock and in circulation

Cost and time can be saved by having immediate insight instead of information. In this way, quick decision-making can also be achieved to quickly drive by the location to pick up pallets because it is on the route.

Via a portal;

  • always know where and how many pallets are in stock.
  • Insight into how many pallets are ready for pick-up by customers.

By making this data retrievable, pallet and transport costs are saved, because ultimately there will be fewer pallets in circulation.

Wear and tear of pallets

Other benefits can also be achieved with this data. It can be made clear what kind of shipments cause the pallets to be more damaged when they are eventually written off.

This also enforces better handling of the pallets and the shipment because the pallet reports what is happening and therefore also provides direct insight into who or what is causing a problem.

Better service

Besides saving time and costs, a logistics/transport company can also offer better service to its customers when certain data can be made accessible.

Documenting data on transport conditions

A transporter can guarantee that transport conditions were within requested limits when the transporter can log what happened during transport. Consider transport conditions such as:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Vibrations and heavy shocks
  • Handling of goods; were goods put down too hard or even dropped?
  • Did the pallet stand at a certain angle (for example, when it should not have been more than 30 degrees).
Tracking of goods/pallets.

Furthermore, it can also provide up-to-date information about the location of goods, for example. Tracking Pallets can help resolve errors such as a wrong delivery:

For example, if a Pallet has been delivered to the wrong address, it can then be checked to see where it is currently located. This allows the error to be corrected quickly.

This and more is possible for companies in the logistics and transport sector. Do you want to make your business processes more efficient, time- and cost-saving?

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