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Smart IoT solutions for buildings | Beyond Eyes

We have introduced “the internet of things” in companies. Read here how this works and how it can help you in your company!

Customer / The Idea:
Construction company Heijmans and CSU Facility Management have decided to become the leading player in smart and efficient management of buildings. A variety of sensors collect detailed information from different working environments and this info is used for details analyses. Based on these analyses new insights are developed with which usage (occupations of workspaces, traffic in buildings), comfort (air quality) and cleaning processes can be optimized.

These services have been introduced in the market under the brand BeSense.

Customer demand:
Heijmans and CSU have asked CLICKEY Solutions to develop and deliver several easy plug-and-play sensors. These sensors will be used to measure the occupation of:

  • desks
  • meeting rooms
  • sanitary areas

On top of that several ‘comfort’ indicators need to be measure in those areas.

Based on several existing MONITOR-modules CLICKEY Solutions has developed three devices. These devices can be easily integrated in the existing building-management systems. The devices are:

BeThere – measures and gives you insight into the occupation and use of workplaces, meeting rooms, toilets and spaces in your building.
BeComfort – measures and provides insight into the environmental values in larger rooms (temperature, humidity, CO2 content, noise level and light intensity).
BeClean – measures and provides insight into areas where cleaning is required or not.
BeEnergie – provides insight into the energy performance of your building.


+With these CLICKEY sensors all usage in the building can be analysed.

The devices are connected to a separate LoRa network and all collected anonymous data is sent to the Cloud. This data and the analyses are visualized in an online platform.


+By connecting the data with the cleaning process, the cleaning staff can use the BeSense Cleaning app to get access to realtime data about usage of different areas in the building. Based on this data specific cleaning tasks, planning en routing is defined. And this means in the end more efficient and effective cleaning and lower costs.

+ BeEnergie gives you insight into where unnecessary energy is being used. Classic examples are buildings that are still heated at night or lighting that stays on constantly.

What does this mean for you:
All CLICKEY devices can be uses in different kind of office environments. But also shops or public domains can use thiese devices to gain more insight in usage and traffic patterns. Monitoring different areas, measuring occupation of counting the number of people entering and leaving delivers directly usable information. With this information services and working environment can be improved immediately.


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