All products from CLICKEY solutions. From CLICKEY Connectivity to CLICKEY devices, platform and data access.

The CLICKEY products are more than a smart device! We provide you with a total package so that you will have an immediately applicable and working solution.

Our IoT devices come with data access, a platform and connectivity. What does this mean? Check out the infographic below for more information.

So what can we provide? Everything!


The infographic shows all the elements of a CLICKEY ecosystem.

We provide a fully functioning device and provide connection to a suitable IoT network.

The CLICKEY platform collects the data and controls the devices.

With our app and web portal you have access to your devices and data.

[Connecting to your own system is possible with the API].

Personalized service!

Are you curious what CLICKEY solutions can do for you? Call or mail us! We like to think along with you!