CLICKEY Connectivity

What is CLICKEY Connectivity and how does it work?

clickey iot netwerk

Connectivity on all IoT network

CLICKEY solutions offers connectivity on all common IoT Networks.

We connect your devices to the network that fits best to your solution. This can also mean that at customer request we establish a private IoT network.

As our Ecosystem is independent of network technology, we can anticipate easily on all technological developments in IoT networks.

LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT

Network coverage, functionality and energy consumption are important drivers when deciding for a network technology.

Our standard devices currently use a LoRa communication chip.

We include SigFox and NB-IoT chips in our devices if  that is our customer’s preference.

CLICKEY Connectivity

The most suitable connectivity solution depends on:

  • expected usage (number of uplinks and downlinks)
  • the number of devices
  • using Geo-localisation

We offer you the best connectivity solution. And this connectivity comes together with the CLICKEY Platform and CLICKEY Data-access.

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