CLICKEY Data Access

What is CLICKEY Data Access and how does it work?

How can you access the data?

In our CLICKEY Platform all data-access is managed. We have designed the platform in such a way that customers get easy and secure access to their data.

To be crystal clear: CLICKEY solutions in not a big-data specialist and we do not offer complex software packages to analyse your data in order to improve your business processes. However CLICKEY solutions offers the option to unlock all data form your systems and infrastructure that was not available until recently.

And with this new and realtime data you will be able to analyse and improve your business. We offer three secured options to get to your data:

  • Webportal
  • API


The CLICKEY Web portal can be approached via a normal internet connection and is secured with login and password. This allows you to login and check your data, whenever you want and wherever you are.

In our secured Web portal you can:

  • consult different dashboards
  • (re)name your devices
  • locate your devices
  • read sensor data
  • consult history
  • change settings
  • set up alarm notifications
  • manage autorisations


The CLICKEY App is available at the end of October 2017.

API (Application Programming Interface)

CLICKEY solutions has developed an API manual which helps you to develop a standard interface with your existing business systems.

Personalized service!

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