CLICKEY Custom made products

CLICKEY Custom made products

In addition to the already developed and fully tested devices, we are constantly working on new developments. Customer questions always lead to new ideas and developments. Many working prototypes are already available. Sometimes still at the stage of Proof of Concept (POC) and sometimes all extensively tested and delivered to our customers. Because the numbers are still relatively small or because the very specific customization is concerned, we have decided not to have large numbers in stock. If you want to discuss an idea, or if you have specific requirements? Please contact us. 

Some examples to inspire you:

  • a device that measures the humidity/drought at multiple depths in the ground 
  • a device that monitors in industrial environments the extent to which cocks and valves open or close
  • a device with 3-axis tilt-sensors
  • a device that monitors the status of electricity infrastructure
  • a device that monitors storage tanks

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